Start building loyalty and engagement right from the first customer visit

What makes a customer 'high-value'?

Hard to say. But, easy to measure.


What if you could target every visitor at your hotel, not just those who stay with you?


What if your guests proactively shared powerful, timely, and actionable feedback on every facet of your service?


What if you had data driven insights to optimize your operations or build new revenue streams?


Get to know your guests.

Urbanespot recognises and starts tracking guest behaviour as soon as they walk into the hotel.

It tracks potential customers - visitors at your banquet halls and diners at your restaurants.

Urbanespot completes the picture as customers log into your WiFi with their social media profiles.

Customer loyalty. Simplified.

Automated Email and SMS campaigns deliver targeted offers to dynamic customer segments.

Make customers aware of other locations or paid and free amenities.

Send offers to customers with a high churn risk to improve retention.



Reputations are built one review at a time.

Visitors and guests are automatically, and non-intrusively surveyed for feedback.

Positive feedback is followed up with requests for online reviews, and reviews are rewarded.

Negative feedback triggers and alert to relevant personnel, so they can take steps to ontrol the damage.

Keep an eye on metrics that truly matter.

Integrate Urbanespot data with marketing, loyalty and POS data to build a GDPR compliant database.

Measure foot-traffic, loyalty, engagement and sentiment by locations, real-time.

Boost your brand with targetted video and image ads.


Deep insights to streamline operations, reduce costs, personalise services, and target communications