WHY you need to take this step?

Like any software, Urbanespot is an enabler. It still needs your strategy and your team's collaborative efforts to succeed! To borrow from the wisdom of comic books - 'With great power comes great responsibility!'. Now you need to wields the power Urbanespot brings, and who holds the responsibility to take the right actions at the right time.


WHAT do you need to take this step?

Three things.


Step 1: The names and contact details of your managers (you'll need at least one).

Step 2: Access to the Urbanespot portal (refer to step 2 if you don’t have this)

Step 3: 30 seconds i.e.: Deciding who you'd like to delegate this responsibility to is a tough decision and might take time, but delegating in Urbanespot itself will take hardly any time at all!


HOW do you complete this step?

Step 1:  Go to 'Settings > Staff' and click 'Add'

Step 2:  Fill in the required information

Step 3: Decide on what information you want to allow access to

Step 4: Submit

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