WHY you need to take this step?


Well, the Urbanespot node is your eyes and ears. It senses visitors at your location and starts tracking their visits and visit behavior. The information it collects become the insights that you see in the intuitive dashboards. The customer behavior it observes become intelligent, dynamic customer segments for personalized customer communications. For all of the great business benefits that Urbanespot can bring, installing the node properly is the first step.


WHAT do you need to take this step?

Three things.

STEP 1: Your Internet. i.e.: A working internet connection, hooked to a router.

STEP 2: The Urbanespot Node. i.e.: Urbanespot Node, Power Adapter, and LAN Cable.

STEP 3: 60 seconds. i.e.: Nodes are pre-programmed, so the whole process should be painless and fast.


HOW do you complete this step?

STEP 1: Connect the LAN cable to a free port on your WiFi router.

STEP 2: Plug the other end of the LAN cable into the first port on the Urbanespot node.

STEP 3: Connect the Urbanespot Power Adapter to a power outlet.

STEP 4: Wait for the Urbanespot WiFi to start.

STEP 5: Get excited about starting a new and innovative journey to customer engagement!

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